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Social Media, for all it's benefits and lifestyle enhancement, also has significant negative consequences

The awareness of this negative impact has been dramatically raised after recent events in Egypt, Paris, Southern California, implications to certain candidates of the US Presidential Campaign, and more .. virtually every daily media-reported terrorist event is impacted by social media ..


  • ISIS and other radical groups have used mediums such as facebook, twitter, google, yahoo, youtube, instagram, and other web-based social media outlets as their Command and Control systems.

  • Being an open society, we allow effortless access to social media content, including that presented by opinionated content on cable news. 

  • The social media outlets and content fuels narrative and recruitment, distribution of propaganda (i.e. dabiq), creating further conduits for organizations of terror.

  • They are extremely sophisticated and cunning in exploiting technological elements of communication, encryption, and organization.

  • There are currently approximately 50,000 Social Media accounts owned by terrorists, and at any given time around 25 percent of those are active.

  • Young, disenchanted and unemployed men in all areas of the world are, and as we have recently seen increasingly women, attracted to ISIS ideals to fill a personal vacuum.  Social Media facilitates their exposure to, and recruitment by these elements, and facilitates acquisition of assets to fulfill their goals.  ISIS goals are to further their objectives through a growing young, and technologically savvy population in the future.

  • ISIS policies are in place to exploit and exacerbate emotions per Social Media.


  • Withdrawal of society into an electronic existence at the expense of traditional familial/social communications and interaction.

  • Erosion of language and grammar communication skills as a result of pop-language, emoticons, acronyms, and negative impact on family/community dynamics due to obsession with, and withdrawal into device-interaction.

  • Narcissistic tendencies ('look at me, look at me').

  • Envy-promoted depression when comparing one's life against those faux virtual lives as presented by others.

  • Facebook and other similar mediums (Ashley Madison as another example) have been implicated in relationship discord and divorce.

  • Facilitation of other detrimental activities, including but not limited to prostitution, illegal drug distribution, child molestation, and other predatory activities.